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Undergraduate              Illinois State University. Normal, Illinois

                                    September 1970 - December 1973

                                    Comprehensive major in Biology, B.S.(Honors)

Graduate                  -   University of Texas, Austin ,Texas

                                    September 1974-May 1975, Div. Biological Sci.

                    -   University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

                                    September 1975 - September 1978

                                    Genetics Area Program, Ph.D. 1978; Advisor - Dr. E.H. Coe



University Fellowship, University of Missouri, 1975

Sears-Longwell Award, 1978

NSF National Needs Postdoctoral Award, 1978-1979

NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1979-1981

Fulbright Research Scholar Fellowship, Sept.-Nov. 1997, Lyon, France

Judith Pool Award for Mentoring, Northern California Chapter, Assoc.Women in Science, 2002

Luso-American Foundation Award for Sabbatical, April-June 2003, Lisbon, Portugal

Fellow, American Society of Plant Biologists, 2011

Fellow, AAAS, 2011



Postdoctoral -  Michigan State University, October 1978-September 1979

                         Supervisor - Dr. Peter Carlson

                     -  Carnegie Institution of Washington, October 1979-September 1981

                         Supervisor - Dr. Nina Fedoroff

Research Scientist, International Plant Research Institute, October 1981 - March 1983

Senior Research Scientist, Monsanto, Biological Sciences, April 1983 - October 1986

Research Geneticist, USDA-ARS, Plant Gene Expression Center,

                                    December 1986 - October 1990, GM-13

                                    November 1990 - November 1995, GS-14

                                    December 1995 - present, GS-15

Adjunct Appointment, Dept. of Plant and Microbial Biology, UC-Berkeley, 

                                    April 1987 - June 1993, Assistant professor

                                    July 1993 -June 1997, Associate professor

                                    July 1997 – present, Full professor



Panelist, National Research Council - East German Academy of Science, Seminar in Biosciences, 1988

Panel Member, NSF Developmental Biology Program, 1989-1990

Panel Member, 1992 and Chair 1993, BARD Molecular and Cellular Panel

Panel Member, 1994, NSF International Junior Investigator and Postdoctoral Fellows Panel

Acting Director, Plant Gene Expression Center, July 1994-October 1994

Monitoring Editor, Plant Physiology, 1994-1995

Advisory Board, Plant Journal, 1995-1999

Council of the American Genetics Association, 1995-1998

Organizer, Molecular Biology of Tomato Conference, August 1996

Editorial Board, Sexual Plant Reproduction, 1997-2012

Panel Member, UC Systemwide Biotech. STAR Project, 1997-2005

Research Council, BioSTAR & Biotech. Research/Education Program,  1999-2005

Advisory Board, Plant Molecular Biology, 1999-2003

Faculty member, Plant Growth and Development Section, Faculty of 1000, 2001-present

Lecturer, EMBO Practical Course on Plant Development, Oeiras, Portugal, 2002-2004

Editorial Board, Plant Journal, 2003-present

Panel member, NSF-FIBR (Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research), 2003

Editorial Board, Planta, 2003-2011

Editorial Board, BMC Plant Biology, 2004-2010; Section Editor for Reproductive Biology, 2011-present

Co-organizer and instructor, Cold Spring Harbor Course in Plant Biology, 2004-2006

Plant Molecular Biology Gordon Conference, Co-chair, 2004; Chair, 2006

Reviewer, L'Oreal-AWIS Fellowships, 2004

Associate Editor, Plant Physiology, July 2005-present

Temporary member, NIH panel, February 2006

Advisory Editorial Board, Molecular Plant, 2008-present

Editorial Advisory Board, Trends Plant Science, 2009-present

ASPB Stephen Hales Prize Award Committee, member 2009, chair 2010-2012

Review Editorial Boards, Frontiers in Plant Physiology and Frontiers in Plant Cell Biology, 2011-present

Board of Reviewing Editors, eLIFE, 2012-present

Editorial Board, Faculty 1000 Research, 2012-present


TEACHING EXPERIENCE (at UC-Berkeley unless otherwise noted)

Genetics 200, Gene Expression, Fall 1988 (co-taught with Dr. K. Paigen)

Plant Biology 298, Topics in Sexual Reproduction, Fall 1990, Fall 1992

Plant Biology 298, Topics in Plant Biology (Grant writing), Fall 1994, Spring 1996, 1998, 1999

Plant Biology 290, Interacting Systems in Developmental Biology, Spring 1992, Fall 1993

Plant Biology 200C, Structural, Developmental and Cell Biology (co-taught with Drs. D. Kaplan and Z. Cande), Spring 1994

Plant and Microbial Biology 210, Scientific Reasoning and Logic, Fall 2000-2007

Plant and Microbial Biology 297, Grant Writing and Research Presentations, Spring 2002, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012

Short courses on Scientific Reasoning and Logic, Shanghai Inst. Plant Physiology and Ecology, 2009, 2011; Peking Univ. 2010

Co-instructor, Pollen Methods Course, NSF Research Coordination Network, Brown University, June 2011



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